Course Description

The Medical Esthetics Diploma will prepare students to work in the progressive field of medical esthetics. The curriculum will provide a strong foundation for the assessment of skin types, conditions, and the corresponding treatments for promoting and maintaining healthy skin. Students will gain practical, hands-on skills to work within related medical professions in a safe and competent manner within their scope of practice. Students will develop the knowledge and essential skills necessary to perform non-invasive procedures such as laser and light treatments, chemical peels, hydro facials, and microdermabrasion procedures, as well as the fundamentals necessary to assist with the application of invasive procedures in a cosmetic medical setting. The student will build expertise in delivering pre- and post-treatment care for special populations, including oncology patients. Hands-on labs and clinical placement settings will expose the student to a wide range of medical and aesthetic treatments, cosmeceutical products, and specialized equipment. Students will also understand the core business principles necessary to establish and manage a medical aesthetic practice. Students will be well-prepared to administer cosmeceuticals and medical aesthetic procedures.

Program Highlights​

  • Focus on theory as well as practical skills.
  • Basic business training is needed to allow for entrepreneurship.
  • Basic Milano software training is used in salons and spas.
  • Opportunity to take part in field trips and enhance learning.
  • Hands-on experience in the college clinic, which is set up to mirror a spa environment.

Key Benefits Of MEDICAL ESTHETICS DIPLOMA In Amyra Academy You Should Know

Students will work as physicians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons; in private medispas and health clubs; in wellness clinics; and in in-hospital oncology departments.

Students from related health care diploma programs, nursing programs, or the esthetics diploma can ladder into this program.


Sculpture Theory, Tools, Skills, Forms, Combination Forms, Wet and Thermal Styling, Tricology, and Microbiology


Guest Experience, Service, Consultations, Design, Draping, Shampooing, and Conditioning


Color Theory, Tools, Skills, Hair Color Levels and Systems, Lightening, Toning, and Hair Painting


Sculpture Theory, Tools, Skills, Forms, Combination Forms, Wet and Thermal Styling, Tricology, and Microbiology


Hair Analysis, Application Techniques, Curl Reformation and Diffusion, Chemical and Thermal Damage, Treatment, and Repair.


Advanced Sculpture, Hair Design, and Corrective Color Solutions


Long hair upstyling, bridal, hair accessories, braiding, wigs, and hair extensions


Salon operations, finances, entrepreneurship, resume writing, and branding.


Hands-on Services for Salon Guests: Greeting, Consulting, Connecting, and Creating.


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